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Packaging Design You will be thrilled with our packaging design solutions.

If you have a product, you need packaging that commands shelf presence. Innovations in design and distribution offer an ever expanding range of options. — Have you considered them all?

Perhaps your product should be designed and packaged in a clam shell, bag, box, blister pack or bubble wrap.

What has the best combination of handling efficiency, consumer appeal and security?

What type of surface design for your packaging best creates a 'feeling' about the product and keys-into the perceptions of the target audience.

Find out the answers by talking to us.

After all we have been producing packaging designs and artwork in Melbourne for over 3 decades - and experience counts!

Ideograph's expertise in packaging design covers:

  • Labels design for packaging and production for use on plastic and glass containers, and cardboard boxes. e.g. shampoo bottles, pharmaceutical products, food and medicine containers.
  • Plastic bags printed via Flexographic process (directly to plastic film for conversion to plastic bags. e.g. pillow and manchester packaging, vacuumed food packaging and bags, toys and confectionery items.
  • Cardboard packaging - boxed products, header cards and inserts. - e.g. car stereo items, car parts, hardware products and hangsell items.
  • Food containers - e.g. margarine containers, ready made meals and sampler packs.
  • Paper wrapper packaging - e.g. wrappers for chocolate bars etc.
  • Blister, skin and clam shell packs - e.g. car parts, computer parts hardware products and hangsell items.