Just some samples of packaging that Ideograph has produced.

  • Rocksmith

    Label design for Dove Cotton Buds

    The label had to perform 2 functions- first, display the branding and product information, and also as a tamper proof seal.

  • project 1

    Range of boxes for Thermatic Fans

    A range of hangsel boxes were designed to promote Davies, Craig Thematic Fans through auto shops.

  • project 1

    Wrapper for Chocolate Bar

    The brief for this wrapper was to convey the quality and indulgent properties of the product.

  • project 1

    Packaging for DIY Painting Products

    Part of a whole series of packaging for the DIY painter. Boxes and wraps were included. Products are sold through Bunnings.

  • project 1

    Retail Auto Parts Packaging

    These were a range of auto parts packaging produced for Ford's Motorcraft brand. The design easily distinguishes what the parts are for.

  • project 1

    Margarine Containers

    Retail packaging for Ultimate Soy Margarine. Project included tub and lid design. The containers were printed Flexograph.

  • project 1

    Label Design

    Label designs for a range of specialised food dressings for Rex Hunt. The dressings were sold through selected outlets.

  • project 1

    Packaging for automotive Electric Water Pumps

    Packaging design for a range of electric water pumps for cars. The design was carried through the range of boxes sizes.

  • project 1

    Concept design for dish washing powder

    Concept labelling design for dish washing powder container.

  • project 1

    Range of Hair Products packaging

    Container design for Vital Hair Products. The design was carried over their range of hair products.

  • project 1

    Packaging insert for Pillow bags

    The Client was on a budget, so rather print directly onto the bag, an insert was designed.

  • project 1

    Margarine tub packaging design

    Retail packaging for Tuscan Margarine. Design included Tub and lid and then carried the design to magazine adverts.